Australian casinos, online gaming and betting trends have taken off in Australia. These pleasurable pastimes are attracting a wide and passionate Aussie audience. Many people have taken up online gaming and betting trends as a recreation; while others as professionals.
The rise of the Australian casino, primarily the online casinos continue. Both casual and hardcore gamblers, gamers, and punters delight in the opportunity to play their favourite games out of the comfort of their homes. Online Pokies, poker, baccarat, online casino games, bingo, horse racing, and sports betting are all readily available. Australian casinos allow Australia to remain in the world’s top ten biggest gambling nation on earth.

Online Casinos

The online casino industry has gone through a massive growth through the various live rooms and wide assortment of games offered to Australians. Playing poker online is remarkably popular even with the restrictions placed on the ability to transfer funds to various poker sites. Poker and online poker are favorites in the Australian gaming community. While the poker is still played by many seasoned professionals, more and more amateurs are taking up what is now being considered the art of poker. More and more Aussies are trying to replicate these worldwide winning poker strategies, hoping someday, to win it big. Australians enjoy the skill element of online gaming. Punters are fascinated with testing their betting knowledge against their mates. Inside info and laying wagers add to the thrill of performing and competing in the poker tournaments.

The Future of Australian Gambling

The issue of the legality of gambling is still being debated. Many gaming and igaming companies, both national and international, are concerned with the Australian government’s policy on censorship. The government attempts to crack down online casinos and offline betting are becoming more visible. The general population accepts and welcomes the Australian casino. Punting is often spoken of and referred to considerably in cricket, NRL, AFL, and even MMA via Ultimate Fighting Championship. The negative stories often referred to as attack journalism, are largely ignored. Australians are passionate about their pokies and as for now pokies are staying. Currently, pokies rake in $109.4 billion a year.

The Pokies Stay Popular in Australia

Gambling is more popular than ever in the land down under. It is an accepted feature in the world of sports, mainstream entertainment and the general internet platform. Horse racing and a “day at the races” is a widely acceptable form of gambling and social pastime for women and their families. Blackjack has been around for centuries and is climbing to the heights of popularity in Australia. Aussies are staying true to their love of the pokies. Over 70% of punters money allocation going to the “one armed bandits” and the lottery, a 5.3 billion industry keeps luring the dreams of the Aussies. Australian casinos have a great feel; they are very classy and high market. Total spending in casinos has risen in the window from $17.5 billion up to $18.3 billion. These are features that will continue to draw betting fanatics to both land and online casinos. As for now, the Australian casino and online casino industries are here to stay.

By Sam Bailey
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