It’s long been said that everyone has an opinion about something. One of the Internet’s downsides comes in the ease with which people can publish their opinions, whether they have any genuine value or not. This reality makes it important that anyone using reviews to determine where to go for gambling should learn what to look for in a casino review.

For starters, check to see if the review is written by someone who’s an experienced writer or critic. Customers recommendations can be helpful, but someone with experience at evaluating professional operations knows what to look for and how to find it. Seasoned reviewers also know how to go behind the scenes to find out the background of the casino’s ownership and operations, so that readers get a more complete picture of how things are run.

Once the reviewer’s qualifications are determined, begin looking at the specifics of the review. What exactly is the writer saying? Is he or she merely endorsing the casino as a great place to have fun, or is the writer giving readers specific details about what they most likely will experience?

For instance, what about details like the casino’s address, telephone number and website? How about a link to a map and directions? Does the reviewer say if there’s an admission charge or a cover charge at the casino? Is the casino free-standing, or is it part of a hotel or resort complex? What about parking? Dress code? Bar or Lounge? Restaurant?

Next, what does the reviewer tell his or her readers about the types of games offered at the casino? Does the reviewer use specifics, such as “six Blackjack tables, two tables for roulette and a separate Poker parlor”? Or does the review simply say, “all the typical gambling games are present”? If it’s the latter, readers are left wanting to know whether their favorite casino games, such as Keno or craps, are available at this casino.

Finally, has the reviewer done his or her homework about the specifics of betting at the casino? For example, readers should get some idea of the minimum bets at various games such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and the like. Is there a Keno game and how much does it cost? Does the casino have slot machines and what are their betting limits?

In other words, a casino review is only as valuable as the specific facts it gives. Otherwise, it’s simply someone else’s unsubstantiated opinion.

By Simon Skinner
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