If you are one of the thousands of people who have difficulty saying “no” to people it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to know that there are people out there who prey on people such as yourselves in order to obtain certain things that should really be unobtainable.
Many people have difficulty saying ‘no’ and find themselves in the uncomfortable position of saying yes when they really mean the opposite. If you’re an online bingo player who struggles to say no then you could find yourself in a tricky situation. Players can be confronted by other bingo players who pretend to be your friend and build your trust, but in reality just want to see if you’re going to be the person they can run to for loans when they run out of money to play online bingo.
These people who prey on the weak are born manipulators and are only too aware of how many people who are unable to say no. These people have been known to lurk in a bingo chat rooms and watch the bingo players, profiling their personalities. Then they prey on those bingo players who are predisposed towards pleasing people.
If you think that saying “yes” once will get rid of the problem, think again. Once you’ve given in, these people realize that you are a soft target and they’ll be back to try and manipulate you in any way they can to draw further favours from you.
The reasons behind people not being able to say no, vary somewhat. They range from not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings to not wanting to appear aggressive, to even psychological damage. In a bingo chat room, players might be afraid of earning a reputation of being mean-spirited, so if you are ever approached by a player asking for a loan you might say “yes” because you have been put under pressure and feel backed into a wall.
What makes these kinds of situations even more difficult is that, these bingo bullies have already executed the stereotypical buttering-up moves previously in the bingo chat room. These tactics include offering free loyalty points or things of that nature, so that they can call in favours when they run out of money. Even if you’ve refused their loyalty point’s offer, they know that you’ll feel guilty if, when asked for a loan, you bluntly say no.
Unfortunately, these things can become increasingly confusing, as there are bingo players who love to share their winnings just because they are genuinely generous people who expect nothing in return but the sheer pleasure of giving. They truly want to share in their bingo luck and resulting windfall. You can bet your last penny that the genuine philanthropist will never be calling you into a private bingo chat to ask for a loan.
The question still remains, how do you tackle the problem when someone asks you for a bingo loan? How do you let them down decisively but gently? The key to this is learning how to say no to a question without appearing dismissive. Tell your bingo compatriot that as a rule you don’t lend anyone money because you’re on a tight budget yourself. Make it apparent that your policy is not to lend money to anyone let alone someone you have never met in person, that way you’re making it clear that you’re not singling out or rejecting your supposed bingo friend but are instead letting them down gently by explaining the facts. If your ‘friend’ is offended, then be forthright and tell them that you don’t need him or her as a friend.
Another important thing to remember when tackling bingo bullies is that you have to be firm, and that NO is the final answer. Only offer an explanation if you want to, and remember you’re more than entitled to say no. You spent your hard-earned money playing bingo and you should not feel obliged to part with it. Another way to help you deal with saying ‘NO’, is to imagine that the person asking for a loan Is the least intimidating person you can possibly imagine and then just say NO.
Fortunately so called ‘Bingo bullies’ are far and few between and incidents of them obtaining loans from bingo players is rare, but it has happened so for those of you out there who have trouble saying no, beware! If anyone pesters you much in a bingo chat room, its advised to just ignore them or alternatively report them to the bingo chat master.
Bingo is a fun and entertaining game and shouldn’t be overshadowed by the wrong doers out there who want to tarnish the games stellar reputation. If you are interested in online bingo but would like an overview of the market, a great site to visit is http://www.expertbingo.co.uk as they provide comprehensive reviews of all the major online bingo halls available to UK players as well as a wealth of related bingo content including a free bingo diary, a round up of all the free bingo cash available, free bingo games, bingo lingo, bingo tips plus much more.

By Erim Jones
Content Writer