Okay, so you’ve decided to secure poker supplies for the next poker game at your home. You’ll need poker cards, poker chips, and perhaps a poker rack and poker table. But from where should you get all of your poker needs? The question of whether you should buy these items in the us has become particularly important due to factors such as globalization. However, here are some matters that you should definitely consider:

1. Poker was born in the United States

Although you might assume that poker was born in Texas, it actually originated around New Orleans, during the 1800s first few decades. The French had surrendered Louisiana to the United States, via the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Poker then became famous in the area’s gambling saloons and especially on the floating saloons called “Mississippi Steamers.”

While poker’s birthplace being the USA doesn’t mean per se that the best poker supplies would automatically originate from the country, usually the first country to produce a product has a head start on other nations. This was certainly true regarding these items in the us.

2. The USA has been producing poker chips the longest

Is it possible for other countries to produce a better product than its originator? It’s possible, though often unlikely. You should certainly consider choosing poker supplies in the us since US companies have had the most time to improve their supplies. Today you can find a wide variety of online and offline poker supplies, including poker cards, poker chips, poker racks and poker tables.

3. The United States maintains high quality standards

Due to globalization, producing goods cheaply has oftentimes become the name of the game. However, the downside is that the quality of the products often suffers. Do you really want poker cards that will rip after playing one round with them? Do you want poker chips that, well, chip soon after you begin using them? While gold and diamond poker chips might require you to take out a second mortgage in order to pay for them, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still find these items in the us that are built-to-last yet won’t break the bank.

4. Many stores in the US can accommodate online purchases

Whether you live a city, nation, or continent away from a US offline store that sells these items, it’s likely that you can also buy the store• s products online. This can provide you with an array of benefits. You can compare more stores’ prices faster. You’ll be less likely to counter out-of-stock items. And most importantly – you won’t need to fly from Timbuktu, to Springfield! Unfortunately, unlike buying poker supplies in the us, stores in other countries often don’t sell their products online.

If you want these items, should you buy them from a store in the USA? The choice is yours, though clearly you can avail of several benefits by making such purchases. Buy these items from the country where porker was born – then play a hand anywhere in the world!

By Brian Garvin & Jeff West
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