Americans are still able to enjoy the fun and comfort of gambling at home with online casinos!
The biggest misconception today is that online casinos no longer accept players coming from the US.This couldn’t be farther from the truth.In this article we’ll break down the myths from the facts and tell you where and how Americans are gambling online.
What is the best online American casino to play at?
If you’re looking for a nice game of blackjack of some classic online slots games and you also happen to be American, then you have to check out online casino has all the right things going for it.Aside from having great games and amazing payouts -they also welcome US players! Also, don’t be confused by the name as Slots of Vegas offers much more than just online slots.They offer over 100 great casino games including 7 different versions of Blackjack, lots of video poker, keno, and of course, if you are a slots player, you can enjoy over 60 slot games including video slots, progressive slots and classic single-line slots.
What online casino game is most played by Americans?
Millions of Americans play online casino games and there isn’t one game that isn’t popular.That said, there is one game that of course is especially popular, especially among American casino players and that is – online slots! This is probably not surprising to most of you familiar with brick and mortar casinos in the United States.Americans love variety and they love a good bargain.We couldn’t think of two better ways to describe slot machine games and therefore it makes perfect sense that these games are the most played by Americans at online casinos.
Which US states have legalized casino gambling?
The way gambling is broken down in the United States in terms of legality is complex as they categorize gambling into many different types.An interesting fact, for example, is that gambling for charitable purposes (i.e., a church raffle or bingo game) is legal in every US state with the exception of Tennessee.Out of all the US states, 5 states also ban lottery games.Those are: Alabama, Alaska, Mississippi, Nevada (strange, right??) and Wyoming.States that allow commercial gambling (land based casinos on non-Indian land) include Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and West Virginia.The only two states where gambling is completely illegal are Utah and Hawaii.

By Beverly Albert
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