Online gambling originated in Antigua Barbuda of West Indies in 1994. This place is considered to be the Mecca of online gambling. Most of the companies of online casinos were based in West Indies for acquiring the license with ease. The gaming software is the most important part in an online casino. It was first developed by a company called Microgaming, which is said to be the godfather of online casino software. Microgaming had paved the path for thousands of other online casino software manufacturing companies. With the urge to make online gambling safe, Cryptologic started developing some software packages in 1995.

In 1998, Jon Kyl, the US senator proposed the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act to stop US companies from offering online gambling. However, the act was not passed. Online casino software continued developing and improvising in the following years. There were some obstacles in the form of slow bandwidth speed. The business started growing at a rapid pace with the improvement in networking infrastructure. In 1998, the online casino industry had a turnover of 834.5 million US dollars.

With the improvement of broadband speed, the problems regarding connectivity were resolved. The quality of graphics had also improved. Online casinos started resembling the real casinos; the only difference was the inability to order drinks in online casinos. Later a few states in the US banned its citizens from gambling online. Austria, France and Italy are about to ban online gambling. For the rest of Europe, online gambling is still legal. Industry experts are of the opinion that the online gambling industry is booming and has the potential to develop further. Soon enough it might be possible to access the online casino through one’s mobile phone.

Despite facing hurdles, the online gambling industry has gained popularity and has proved to be very promising. Today online casinos have become the best form of pastime. The games offered in online portals have won the hearts of many people because of the convenience it offers. For people who enjoy gambling, online casino is a boon. They do not have to waste time, money and energy in traveling to far off casinos. One can sit at home and enjoy all the benefits of gambling.

Online casino allows people to play anytime. There is no need to skip work for online gambling. An online casino provides round-the-clock assistance so that gamblers can log in at any hour and play their favorite casino games. Online casinos of today have put in extra effort in making online gambling as realistic as possible. Live chat with the fellow players as well as with the dealer is possible. Web cameras have enabled players to see their opponents while they are playing. Players can get in touch with the online casino via emails and calls free. They can get answers to all their queries through the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of the online gaming site. Not only do online casinos offer a wide range of games, but they also offer great bonuses. New players can avail tutorials and free accounts to learn how to play the games before they put their money at stake.

By Jhoana Cooper
If you are planning to try your hand at online gambling, this is the ideal time. Learn the tactics with the help of the online casino and get huge bonuses when you win.