Keno is a straightforward, easy-to-play casino game that is widely popular amongst a variety of casino enthusiasts.

While Keno has a huge modern day following in both land-based and online casinos, the origins of this casino game are ancient.

The earliest version of Keno was played in China more than two thousand years ago. The game was introduced to the West by Chinese immigrants in the early twentieth century.

The word “Keno” however has a French origin but no traceable roots to France.

The game itself is very easy to learn and is similar to the ever-popular bingo games. Keno cards share a similar layout to Bingo cards. In the case of the keno card, the numbers are arranged in eight rows of ten each, for a total of 80 numbers. The player then chooses up to twenty numbers and marks them on the card to get their tickets.

After all the tickets have been bet in, twenty numbers are then drawn. Players can then claim their winnings and payouts according to the number combinations.

Besides the jackpot combination there are several other combination plays that a player can draw to win a significant payout. This makes the game of Keno not as ruthless as other casino games as you don’t have to hit the jackpot specifically to become a winner.

A good combination that you can play is the “2/3 1/6″combination. A three dollar bet is placed on this variation of card, divided to the three number groups, a dollar each of them. This play can increase your opportunity to receive higher payouts.

Another useful betting option that you can use in keno to increase your chances is the king number. The king, as it is simply called, is a single encircled number that can be used on all the combination of numbers played on the ticket. This greatly adds to your chances of hitting multiple combinations, and winning multiple prizes, as long as the number is there.

Casinos also offer a hefty progressive jackpot prize to keno games. These progressive games can prove to be the money maker as these can get very high, there are even some instances that the casino gives out more than a hundred percent in returns.

Online Keno is also packed with various special promotions and of course a casino bonus by the minute that is bound to increase your winnings significantly.

By Pete
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