In this article I will reveal a few of the best advanced Texas Holdem Poker tips that you can use to cream just about anyone that gets in your way.

If you are looking to sharpen up your poker game then I strongly suggest that you continue to read the advanced Texas Holdem Poker tips.

Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Tips On Pot Odds

First off I would like to point out that when it comes to figuring out pot odds. The process can be as complex as a calculus problem.

Usually when something is too complicated we just skip over it altogether. But if your aim is to win at Texas Holdem Poker you unfortunately cannot afford to pass up learning this process.

That being said let’s get started shall we.

Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Tips On Pot Odds #1

The first tip involves what is called the “Adding Outs” which can be the most challenging component of the entire process.

So what exactly is the key to bettering your skills at “Adding Outs”?

Practice of course and plenty of it. You should go over the process as many times as it takes to make it second nature.

Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Tips On Pot Odds #2

The next tip is called “Calculating River Outs”.

This tip should be used when you get a card that doesn’t do you a bit of good and you are trying to get a good hand on the river before the showdown.

I strongly recommend that you use the first tip to figure out your number of outs and then double that number. The sum of the two will ultimately become the percentage of the odds you’re facing when trying to get the hand that you are looking for.

So if you added up all your outs and the total was 4 and then if you doubled that your chances of getting the hand you were looking for would be 8%.

Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Tips On Pot Odds #3

The last tip is called “Calculating Turn Outs”.

This tip comes in very handy when you need to figure out what your chances are of getting a stronger hand at the after-flop stage of the game.

This tip works pretty much the same way as tip number two but instead of multiplying your total outs by 4 you would use 8 instead.

In closing your chances of winning the game depend on the number of outs that you start out with. You’ll need these advanced Texas Holdem Poker tips I’ve shared with you today to help you figure them out.

By Alex Poker
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