Playing the correct style when you play poker is vitally important to any solid advanced poker strategy. When you play the correct style it is easier to win and harder for your to lose.

There is no one perfect style in poker. Sure, some are more effective than others. For example, tight aggressive and loose aggressive are very popular styles and many players are very successful with these, but there are also players who successfully incorporate passive play, check-raises, and a mixture of many styles.

Advanced Poker Strategy Tip #1 For Playing The Correct Style

The first most important thing you have to remember is that, in order to play the correct style you have to be comfortable playing that. Your personality needs to resonate with the style, you need to agree with it.

For instance, if you are a risk averse person and prefer to play ‘safer’ poker, a very aggressive loose style probably isn’t the best for you. Likewise, if you love to take risks and love the allure of big wins then playing a conservative style will probably be very difficult for you. You will get bored waiting for good cards and feel restricted.

Advanced Poker Strategy Tip #2 For Playing The Correct Style

The second thing you need to realize when trying to find the best play style is that there is no one perfect play style. One style might work well in some situations and other styles might work in other situations. You may need to have a couple of styles under your belt and be able to ‘change gears’ when the time comes.

The best example of this is in tournament poker. In tournament poker, you need to survive. You cannot all-in and lose because you will be out of the tournament. So usually a tighter style works better. However, moving towards later in the tournament you need to aggressive build your stack, so a looser style will be required here. You may be required to change gears, or change you style, multiple times in a sitting.

Advanced Poker Strategy Tip #3 For Playing The Correct Style

The third tip for playing to best style is to be flexible in the style you are playing. Usually the best style to defeat an opponent is the opposite style of theirs. So to beat a loose player you must play tighter than him. To beat a tight player you must play looser then him.

You need to be able to constantly mould and change your style to what the other people at the table are doing – their styles. Flexibility is key here.

I’m sure you are aware at how useful this information will be to you to assist whatever advanced poker strategy you end up using. And you are probably realizing that there is a lot more to playing the correct style then you thought. You’re most likely experiencing a feeling of curiosity and intrigue, kind of like feeling a willingness to learn. This is great because when you learn new information about poker you become a much better poker player. And every time you turn down an opportunity to learn more information you will become a worse poker player.

By Alex Poker
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