Gambling both online and in Land based casinos can be an incredibly rewarding experience, not just in terms of the winnings from a streak of good luck but also the thrill of risk and reward, the pleasure of gaming and the social aspect of Land based casinos. For this reason measuring ‘success’ in gambling can be difficult, while many would say that success is measured by the profit in your pocket, it is wise to remember that the house always has an edge and that you are never going to win every game you play, thus gambling with a monetary objective in mind is not a good way to have fun and will make success extremely elusive.

A much healthier attitude is to measure success by pleasure, Gambling games are fun, not just because of the winnings but also because of the challenge that these games can give, the social aspect of Ground based casinos and the mental games that can be played above the game, between the players themselves in both Ground based and Online Gambling games.

To ensure that you do not develop a problem gambling habit, one that focuses purely on winning, you should take a moment before immersing yourself in the games to consider what you have available, both in terms of money and in terms of time. Decide how much you wish to wager, and stick to that limit. Should you win, make a bargain with yourself never to wager with your winnings, or if you do to retain a percentage of the winnings; that way you will never walk away empty handed.

Set yourself a time limit if you are gambling online. As with video game, online casinos can be extremely addictive, and it is easy to lose track of time, so set yourself an alarm so that you can stop when you need to. If you don’t you can find yourself ignoring your family and friends and damaging your sleeping patterns. Sleeping well is very important to enjoying your online gambling experience. No-one plays well tired and constantly losing because of your tiredness can result in the mind becoming very focussed on the winnings, lessening the enjoyment of the games.

If you are going to go out to a land based casinos please remember that these establishments have dress and conduct codes that must be followed at all times. Casinos are social establishments so enjoy meeting your fellow gamblers. Make sure that if you do not know the rules of a game that you double check them before playing, and maybe make other players aware of your inexperience, that way they may have more patience with what could be silly mistakes. Just be sure and remember that if you are inexperienced you may spend a certain amount of time paying for the experience you gain. Beginners luck is a myth.

As with online casinos make sure that you set yourself a wager limit. A land based casino will allow you to more tightly control your spending as you have to purchase your chips, but even so you must ensure that you do not spend the money you will need to get home from what should be an extremely fun night out. Another good deal to make with yourself is never to drink and gamble; card games in particular require that your brain is in top gear so keep your mind clear.

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