Are you a novice who would like to start playing online Blackjack? If that is the case you will first have to learn how to get Blackjack odds in your favor. One of the best ways to do this is to refer to a beginner’s guide where you will find some infallible ideas that will help you to stay away from common mistakes so that you can win. What you have to understand as a novice online Blackjack player is that typically, Blackjack is not a very complex game and you do not need much time and effort.

Anyone who plays Blackjack can win. The main objective of the game is to have a hand in which the total is close to 21 points, without exceeding the count. The whole aim of the game is to defeat the dealer. All cards that have faces have 10 points and the Aces can have either 1 or 11 points depending on your hand. The remaining cards are worth their respective numbers.
Whether you play online Blackjack or offline Blackjack, you are pitted only against the dealer. It is advisable to learn card counting, which is the best of Blackjack strategies. To get the odds in your favor, counting cards will give you an inkling of what is left in the pack and what are the cards that could possibly come. You learn to do this by keeping track of the cards that have been dealt already and guessing what may come next. In this way, you can increase your wager, if you find the odds in your favor; or vice versa, when the odds are in favor of the dealer. In Offline or online Blackjack, only you have choices to make and not the dealer. So, it will depend on you, whether you win or lose by making the right choices. So, learn to make the correct choices.

Is Blackjack Insurance a Good investment?

Blackjack insurance is the option of wagering on the outcome of the house holding blackjack. The odds are greater than 55/1. The insurance option offered during the course of the game is at 2:1. Blackjack payout is 3:2 and when a player wins he is paid even money. So insurance may appear lucrative. But it is not advisable to take insurance. Here are the reasons why.

First of all, the Blackjack insurance amount available is only the half of your original stake. Thus if you win this bet the one and a half points you get will be equal to the sum you had wagered. If the dealer holds blackjack, you lose your original wager. So you are basically backed to where you started.

The rules of blackjack state that when the dealer and the player both hold hands of equal value it is a void. Hence you do not really need to take insurance.

Statistics show that 982 times out of 1000, insurance bets are lost. While you have the option to wager or withhold, be wise – employ the strategy of using your chips to place bets on other options.

Blackjack insurance holds good in a situation where only 71 cards or less are present in a shoe of 312 cards and no Ace has been dealt for a long time. But such occurrences are extremely rare.

Even if this rare incident does occur, the maximum long-term profit only from a wager on insurance can be only 1.04% of the amount wagered on this option. Wagering rules cancel this out eventually due to the loss on the original stake.

Casinos have very low profit margins with blackjack. So they try to increase their edge by offering insurance to the players. But chances that two players hold Blackjack are 1666:1. So it is more probable that you will lose your Blackjack insurance bet.

By Chanchaldi
Online Blackjack Tips and Online casinos allow player to increase their wager instead of taking insurance. Take a selectively aggressive strategy of game play and you will stand to lose rather less.