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If you are looking for a fine poker chip set then you should consider the 750 Edgespot Nexgen to match your poker needs. There are many benefits to the set including the one of the finest quality cases you will find that includes the chips.

The poker chips that come with this poker chip set are 12 grams. They are Vegas style chips and 39 mm diameter. These chips are the same size and weight of casino chips and hard to tell the difference of the chips you find in a casino.

These poker chips in the Nexgen poker chip set come from the 8200 series that are manufactured through a patented process giving them a soft feel of the same clay surface you find in the casinos.

This is what makes these chips the most authentic poker chips available for purchase on the market today for home play. This same manufacturing process allows multi-colored edge spots just like the chips in casinos. These chips have the same sound and color of the casino chips too. The labels on these poker chips are one inch in diameter also.

The poker chip case for the Nexgen poker chip set is made with dark wood and it has the look and feel of total class. This is one of the finest poker chip cases you can find for your home gaming needs and the perfect way to organize your poker chips. The wood is stained with a dark wood stain. The wood is solid and sturdy with ½ inch think pieces of wood. The finish on the wood is polished with a high quality lacquer which makes it shine.

There is a tray inside this poker chip set that gives you two levels of poker chips. The bottom layer of this set holds poker chips, a dealer button, and your playing cards. The wood on the inside of the box is just as fine as the outside of the box. You will also enjoy the black felt that lines the sides and the bottom of this box that provide protection against scratching your chips.

The latches and the hardware on this case are solid brass adding to the class of the box. There is also a brass lock that allows you to lock your poker chip set with a key so your set is secured. This will keep the kids out of your poker chips and ensure you never lose any of the pieces.

There is nothing more frustrating then when the guys come over for poker night and you are searching around your house for missing chips and cards because the kids got into them. The top rack of this poker chip set holds over 400 poker chips.

The Nexgen poker chip set is the finest set you can purchase for your poker needs. The case is classy and can be locked to ensure you don’t lose any of your game materials. If you are looking for a classy way to organize your poker chips and cards then you should consider this set as the solution.

By Brian Garvin And Jeff West
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