Gustav Hansen better known as Gus Hansen was born in Copenhagen in the year 1974. Gus Hansen is a professional poker player of international repute and fame. He lives in Monaco in Western Europe.

Unlike most other poker players Gus was a professional Backgammon player before he switched his priorities to poker, he won various fames in the game of Backgammon before 1997. Besides all these Gus has also been a youth Tennis icon in his younger days.

Gus not only concentrates on winning poker but he also bets on various other sporting events that he takes fancy to. In the year 2005 Gus won the Poker Superstars Invitational. In the year 2006 he also won the biggest pot of the second season of High Stakes Poker. Last year, that is in 2007 he won $1, 192,919 as he achieved the first place in the Aussie Millions Main Event that took place in the city of Melbourne, in Australia.

The best thing about Gustav is that if he starts taking interest in to a certain game then he plays it till he understands all the in and outs of the game, he masters everything that he lays his sights up on. This amazing player is known to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the game of poker and has the capability of beating even the most seasoned player with his shrewd game play.

He is one of those few poker players who have established themselves very fast in the world of poker.

Now let us see what we know about the famous Howard Lederer, this poker player was born in the year 1964 which makes him a senior to Gustav Hansen. Poker runs in the blood of this famous poker star as his whole family is in the card business. The famous poker superstar Annie Duke is the sister of Howard Lederer.

As a child he had a huge amount of interest in chess, so hi parents enrolled him into a chess club where he started honing his chess skills. It was in this chess club that he was first introduced to the game of poker and he found out that he had more inclination towards.

It was not before he was much grown up that he started playing poker for m0oney. As he grew up he gradually shifted his base to Las Vegas which is famous for its casinos.

Howard Lederer is one of the team members who have designed the online Full Tilt Poker Game. This poker champion stood ninth in the World Series of Poker that was held last year. In the year 2005 he got three awards in the world class poker competition, he has also won about $54,965 in a No Limit Texas Hold’em Championship; he has various other notable awards as well.

This Poker Player has been a vegetarian for a long time and he has even won ten thousand dollars in a cheese burger eating competition. This enigmatic personality is well known for his stylish and skillful game play and is revered among his fellow poker players.

By Brian Garvin
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