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People want a Real Deal in Life.

People want a Real Deal in life, they want quality, value and maybe even a little bonus action thrown in here and there from time to time. Mostly though, people just want quality.


On sites like and others built around the RealDeal (Online Poker)brand. People will get all the quality and value they can handle from the all new online poker site called RealDealPoker. Real Deal was built on a foundation of integrity since day one when the inventor was told that it could not be done; “Designing a system where real cards determine the outcome in online poker games. His name is Mr. Gene Gioia and his system delivers the only online poker game that uses an actual shuffled deck of playing cards. Real Deal gives it’s players truckloads of “proven” and “audit-able” security too.(By any third party)

Pay it forward with Real Deal!

If you are reading this and you don’t play poker, that’s fine. Please pass it along to someone who does play and they will thank you for the information. If however, you are reading this and always wanted to learn how to play poker but were afraid to do so because you thought online poker was shady and lacked the proper security… or maybe you’re just finally ready to step up and play your first hand of online poker? This is your lucky day! Real Deal Poker is only a few days away from opening for business, testing it’s (Free Play poker site) with cash money to follow soon (days) after.

With Real Deal Online Poker, players are playing the same poker game as they just grabbed a deck of playing cards from their kitchen junk drawer and started a game at the kitchen table.

    Real Deal offers you real poker online, not online poker.

No Deposit required. Play the only REAL online play money poker site.

Just come play the free version and or read more on the topic of Gene Gioia and Real Deal. Sign up – Use the bonus PROMO code “Storm” and be one of the first to play on this all new history making online poker site.(Promo code STORM, as in the calm before the storm. Real Deal is going to be huge!) The current online poker sites have nothing near a real game of poker. They can’t hold a candle to Real Deal Poker.

Real Deal poker

is too complex to cover in one article. If you you have additional questions or concerns I’ll also suggest The sites inventor and owner Gene Gioia has his own section on the forums and “listens” to his players. It has taken Mr. Gioia over five years to bring RealDeal to life and it all begins within this week.

Shuffle up and deal, online!

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By Tom Dwyer
Pro Photographer
Father and Husband, Long time poker player.
Family First.
Hobbies – Building, gardens, auctions, poker, fishing, baseball (Live) and did I mention POKER? WSOP 2010 baby!