Online or virtual Casinos are the online version of the traditional casinos. So now you don’t have to go to a casino, but at the click of a mouse, the casino is made available to you on your screen. The pay back percentages and odds are generally the same when compared to the traditional casinos, although some claim to give a higher pay back percentage. Among the common games that are played is Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Online slot games and Online Poker.

Out of these, Blackjack is undoubtedly the most popular game in online casinos because the players can get the many advantages than any other casino games. The internet is full of strategies, on how to beat the dealer in Blackjack. Since reliability is a major factor when it comes to online casinos, there are many websites that lease or purchase their software from well established companies like Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Playtech and CryptoLogic Inc. Many of these companies use random number generators so the numbers generate randomly.

There are basically two types of online casino games, the web-based and download casinos. In the former, players play casino games, without having to download software to your computer. Your browser needs to support Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave or Java. You also need bandwidth as graphics, sounds and animations are loaded through the internet. These games take a lot of time to load and hence the download version of online casino games is also very popular. Here the player can download can download the game, as the casino software connects to the casino service provider, rather than through browser support. However the downside of these is that there is a possibility of the player downloading malware. You could also choose from live gaming, where games like blackjack are dealt by real dealers in casino studio, to give that authentic feel to the player.

The number of websites that offer online games has increased considerably. But as stated earlier, the possibilities of online fraud is very high. Make sure to choose the website you choose to play online casino games with care. A number of online casino portals maintain a list of rogue casinos. A rogue casino is one which has more than one confirmed case of fraudulent behavior. Among the techniques undertaken by the online casinos are using cheating software to avoid pay out. There are some software’s that fudge numbers. In some cases when players are playing for fun the winning probability is increased to lure them to pay for real money. When it comes to playing with real money, the results are tweaked in favor of the dealer.

Online casino games can be real fun, provided you choose a dealer with care and caution.

By Paulo Sousa
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