Let’s look at a bit of history of craps gambling and what it is? You may know this dice game of craps gambling and love it but do you know where it comes from? Actually the game of craps was developed from another game called hazard that is an Old English game, it’s much simpler version of the game that once was played all the way back during the Crusades by many French gamblers.
The modern game came across the shores and was first played in New Orleans by the gambler Bernard de Mandeville. In the version of craps gambling that Bernard offered there was a flaw thought that would allow many players to fix the game. This way of fixing the dice as it is still know is something that can still be found occasionally, but most often many craps gamblers play a completely honest game.
After the creation of a “don’t pass” rule that was put into effect by John Winn the problem seemed to basically fix itself a bit more. It is the version of craps gambling that you will still find in many places today. The rules of the game are basically pretty easy to follow and well a lot of people love the game of craps.
Finding a place online to play this fabulous dice game is possible too. Look for the many craps gambling locations and find one that will give you plenty of money to bet with a nice welcome bonus. If you don’t understand the full rules of the game those good gambling spots will teach you exactly what you need to know about craps gambling to hopefully win a few tosses too.
Check out craps gambling and remember that it’s a much easier game then the original game that was played so long ago by other people!

By Elizabeth Rodriquez
An advid writer who works in many areas of interest.