A comfortable and copious life is not impossible when you are in the middle of the ocean. Thanks to hundreds of luxury liners and cruise vessels that make it likely to happen, such as the Carnival cruise ship Holiday.
As a simple background of the shipping vessel, it is considered as one of the oldest cruise ship in the United States that is still sailing the great waters surrounding the Caribbean islands.

Although other cruising vessels may offer modern day facilities and state of the art service, this ship is most likely to be at par with them. The kind of services it tenders has still the influence of its olden days when the ship first sailed in 1985. But what makes most people keep going back on board it is the fact that it offers more than just luxury, but a sense of boarding an unequaled vintage ship.

The external and internal features of the ship are well maintained by experts. So expect the old-fashioned walls, ceilings, and ornaments to be in good shape. Moreover, you will be delighted with the perfect color combination of blue, red, and purple that are dispersed in the lobbies and dining rooms of the vessel. What’s more enchanting is that the ship had kept most of the adorable antiques, like mirrors and chrome and brass works, at place.

Aside from having one of the historical cabins, the ship also offers public rooms that are still very functional and elegant. These rooms include the Gaming Club Casino, which is a perfect place for individuals to play poker, baccarat, blackjack, chuck-a-luck, and roulette; the Reflection Dance club ideal for night parties and dance grooves; and the Doc Holiday’s, a bar that boasts country western features. In addition to these public rooms, there is also a library, a beauty salon, a pool place for recreation, a play place for children, a video arcade, and more entertainment lounges.

The accommodation experience will also make you feel “home sweet home” even if you are away from your residence. The private rooms in this ship provide some of the most exquisite and elegant designs fro its carpeted floors, drawers, closets, bed, and bathrooms. You have a choice to stay in an interior stateroom, ocean view stateroom, or a suit. You are guaranteed that these rooms are still made perfect for you, and that “comfort” is their main theme of design.

Being in the Holiday package adventure will give you more pleasures than a normal vacation can give. For the reason that you are actually sailing from place to place, expect more excitement as you land on some of the world’s most exotic places in the Caribbean. When you do some stopover to some of the breathtaking beaches, don’t put out of your mind to do some swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving, and explore the underwater wonders of the Caribbean. In addition, you can also do some shoreline activities like Frisbees and beach volleyball. You can also experience a night of good socialization with the locals of the islands and dance to their music.

By Gordon Banks
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