The Sofitel London James who has unveiled the world’s most exclusive tree trimmed with Baccarat and Louis XIII Grand-Champagne Cognac, in the hotel lobby. The 16 1/2 foot tall tree deck with 200 miniature hand-made Baccarat crystal bottles of Louis XIII finished with 24 carat gold cost more than $55,000.
Baccarat’s Zenith Midnight Chandelier has been placed at the top of the tree and the matching denim material has been used very innovatively to give the tree a very trendy-chic look. Baccarat is collaborating with the hotel to offer a series of exclusive offers at Sofitel London St. James. So SPA by Sofitel, offers for $4,586 the ultimate spa package in which guests receive a unique piece of jewelry from Baccarat, the Psychedelic Crystal necklace, as well as a Zenith Signature treatment with Baccarat.
So SPA by Sofitel also offers a more affordable alternative at $300, which pairs the Zenith Signature treatment with Baccarat with a sensual, easy to wear, Baccarat Galet necklace. Rare pieces of Baccarat jewelry will be on display throughout the hotel’s public areas, along with an impressive exhibition of images from the Louis XIII archive.
Christmas is the appropriate time to launch the most expensive Advent Calendar in the world. A mesmerizing amalgam of diamonds, design and art, the glass artwork includes 24 precious diamonds, along with a total of 100 diamonds of .25-carat each, totaling to approximately 81 carats.
Using precious stones is the easier way to create a most expensive item but this one is an amazing work of art. All the diamonds used in this piece come certified by the reputed gemological laboratories in the world, Antwerp Institute of Gemology (HRD) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Since price was not a constraint the best of diamonds have been used to create the most expensive Advent Calendar.
The sparkling Advent calendar is priced at a rather steep $3,254,600, a significant amount by any yardstick, and it includes an exclusive piece of jewelry designed by the Biegel Schmuckdesign from Frankfurt am Main. The calendar has already made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most expensive Advent calendar.
The involvement of Jena Gardner, the chief executive of JG Black Book Of Travel with this online shopping portal. The passionate travel industry veteran has compiled an exhaustive list of handmade products from around the world. This helps the shopper to pick the region or required item which will further direct them towards a page that spills the beans on the local artisan who created it. Also, the page features a tab called “Empowering” which allows the shopper to learn about the artist or the organization working towards empowerment of disadvantaged craftsmen.
The Travelers Collection also bestows an opportunity on the shoppers to earn commission by suggesting ways to expand the product line if you believe you can spot a unique find during your travels. The only flipside is these specialty products will be pinch your pocket but that’s why a part of the proceeds will be donated to Vital Voices, an organization that aims to empower emerging women leaders.
The Couture Collection, is laced with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to deliver chic glitz and glamour complete with perfect image commitment.
The Couture Collection has its first screen decked in an elegant, sculpted fixed frame design accentuated with world’s finest loose cut crystals. The use of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS not only brings high end glaze and bling to the product but also an assurance of top-notch quality, authenticity, integrity and prestige.
Irrespective of the projector being in the on or off mode, it indisputably stands to be a be picturesque element in any space. The makers have made available this signature collection in a range of color options including Diamond, Onyx, Silver, Gold, Rubellite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine, Peridot and Topaz. The collection comes with a new wall mounting system which includes levels and a corner key design.

By Marry Williams
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