There are two types of bingo games played in the world: The 75-ball bingo and the 90-ball bingo. The 90-ball bingo game is typically played in the UK and Australia. In a 90-ball bingo game, the bingo cards have three rows and nine columns. Only five squares in one row contain numbers arranged randomly, and the other four squares are left blank. Thus each bingo card contains 15 numbers within 1-90. The game is played with strips of 6 tickets, which contains all numbers from 1 through 90 distributed randomly in the six tickets. A player may purchase as many strips as he/she wants. If a strip is played in one bingo game, then every number called from 1 to 90 can be daubed as soon as it is called out.
The 90-ball bingo is similar to the 75-ball game where the player purchases a bingo card and marks the numbers so as to complete the pattern. Compared to the 75-ball bingo game, fewer patterns are possible in the 90-ball bingo games. In most 90-ball bingo games, there are three pre-defined patterns: Single Line Across, Two-Line Across, and Full House. In Single Line Across, the player is supposed to daub all numbers given in one row. For Two-Line Across, they have to daub the numbers in two rows (10 numbers in two lines). The Full House pattern refers to daubing of all 15 numbers given in one card. The winner is the one who gets the pattern completed at first. The moment he/she gets it, they shout BINGO! If there are two players who simultaneously completed the pattern, the prize money will be divided among them.
Bingo games are gaining popularity worldwide. UK is not behind. In fact, UK has become the fastest growing market for bingo in recent years. The game, conventionally meant for girls, is now becoming popular among all age groups of people. Online bingo games are popular among Internet users as they give them the opportunity to play as and when they want. All of the reputed online bingo clubs are busy with activities round the clock. Towards the weekend, they are houseful too. The online bingo enthusiasts are having great gala time at the online bingo clubs. They are showered with rewards and bonuses as they get associated with the online bingo clubs. As they become old, they gain more credit points.
Bingo clubs are facing tough competition online. In UK alone, there are over 250 registered bingo clubs offering the 90-ball bingo game to online players. The tough competition among online bingo clubs is forcing them to announce attractive promotional offers to retain their loyal customers. There are hundreds of bonus offers and jackpots announced at the online bingo clubs. Some of the online bingo sites also offer free games to players, especially the new players. If you are a real bingo enthusiast, opportunities are waiting for you. Just have to log on to the bingo site and start looking for them.

By amanda calvert
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