75 ball bingo game is popular in the United States and Canada. The 90 ball bingo game has been popular in other parts of the world including UK. In UK Bingo 90 ball games are very popular. The 75 ball bingo game is played on a 5×5 card numbered one through 75. The centre square is usually left as free. A pattern is pre-defined by the bingo host and announced to the player. Then numbers are called out randomly, and players are asked to mark them on their cards. The marking process is called daubing. The first player who happens to complete the pattern first is declared as the winner.
Bingo card for 75 ball game has five rows and five columns. Each column is represented by each letter of the word ‘BINGO’. The first column (B) has numbers 1-15 in random order, and each additional column holds the next set of 15 numbers. There are 75 balls with corresponding numbers that can be called. When the numbers are called, they are prefixed by the letters, for example B12, so that players can quickly locate them under the desired column and mark it off in their cards.
Whether one plays the 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo game online, the aim is one: they have to complete the pattern faster than others. The game requires a lot of diligence and practice. When the numbers are called out, the player has to quickly look for the number and mark it on their card. If you are lucky and quick enough to get the pattern first, Bingo!
As online bingo games gain popularity, online bingo clubs are getting crowded. There are different kinds of online bingo players. Some of them are novice whereas others are experts. There are national bingo champions who also try their hands online competing with their counterparts. Depending on the capacity, a player may purchase bingo cards as few as one or even unlimited. There are expert players who simultaneously handle two different games and take home a good amount of money at the end of the day. This is possible in online bingo games where the cards are automatically daubed by the computer program. However, it also demands a great degree of bingo skill and regular bingo practice from the player.

Different bingo patterns are possible in the 75 ball bingo online games. There can be letters, numbers, or simple shapes like a line. Different patterns make the bingo game more exciting. New patterns are introduced according to the imagination of the bingo host. In one case, a whole card may be given to be shaded as a pattern. This results in a coverall. In short, the pattern itself brings a lot of excitement among the online bingo players, and they are eager to know which is the lucky pattern for them that brings hundreds or thousands of pounds to them.

Bingo is no more just a time-pass game for the bored housewives or the retired elderly. It is gaining popularity among all age groups of people. With Internet available to people on their laptops and mobile devices, online bingo game is further expanding without limits. Next time when you get caught up in a flight delay, never hesitate to open your laptop and start playing a bingo online!

By amanda calvert
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