How much money have you lost the last time you play poker, baccarat or blackjack? This question is very common for thousands of gamblers out there. Do you know why they’ve lost a lot? It’s because they’re too greedy thinking that they’re always lucky in placing their bets. You’ve witnessed this scenario at some time in your life. Have could you imagine your relative, your friend or even you are dumping thousands of dollars hoping to earn money in an instant? But that’s not what you’ve expecting to happen because in just a click of an eye, your money lost. Ouch! Perhaps, you’re now portraying in your mind the dealer’s laughing face, too glad because your money is then on his hands.

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with gambling as long as you know how to set your limitation and play wise. More importantly, you have to accept the consequences for gambling money. Everything in this world needs moderation. Too much drinking is addictive and too much smoking is also bad. But what’s the most type of addiction wherein it’s difficult to get out is gambling. Once you’re addict in dumping high amounts of cash, it’s just like you’re a fish hooked by a fisherman’s rod. Perhaps, it will take time or maybe you can’t get out anymore.

When you’re a newbie and choose gambling as your pastime, you need to set your limitation and determine a specific amount you’re willing to spend. The good news is, you can do it yourself and without the help of professionals. So, get a piece of paper and list down these 6 important rules that you need to follow every time you enter casinos. You can bring it anytime you want and as long as you’ve already memorized it, you can immediately crumple it and place in trash.

1. Determine that games you want to play – this is the first thing that you should consider in playing gambling games. Don’t just think you’re lucky anytime. In choosing games, of course make sure that you know how to play. Skills and strategy is also important in playing.

2. Determine your limits – how much money you’re willing to spend in playing, $5, $10, or 100$? Set your limits now! This is very important in securing your money. When going to casinos, make sure to bring limited amount and leave your credit cards at home.

3. Determine how much you’re willing to lose – before stepping to casinos or hotels, make sure to set the specific amount of money you’re willing to lose at this moment. This is just to makes sure that you’ve enough money in the banks use in case of emergency.

4. Put the money you’re willing to spend on the right pocket – once you’ll able to determine the money you’re will to lose, you can put it at the right pocket. Let’s say for instance $100. Then, you can add $25-$50 dollars for your snacks and other expenses.

5. If you lose the money, don’t opt for another round better stop! – in the even that you lose the money, better live the table drink some beer or do whatever you want.

6. If you win, take a small amount of your money so that If you’re losing you have a chance to break it even for tonight – this idea is to maximize your earnings and to minimize your loses.

Winning the game is quite difficult to do. These important tips will help a lot in achieving your game. More importantly, you’ll able secured you money.

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