With hundreds of game addicts now trying to dominate the backgammon market, it is impossible to find secret tips that will make you a better player. We all want to beat our friends, family, and even the players we compete with online. Luckily, there are many backgammon rules, tips, and suggestions when you are starting to become a fan. From backgammon codes to backgammon bonuses, it is extremely important to read the tips below; if you feel that you want to learn a lot about backgammon.

If you are tired of playing backgammon, perhaps try downloading it online! By playing backgammon online, you are able to connect with others and meet players from around the globe. This is an exciting way to spice up ordinary game playing. You also may find more competition on the web, since you are playing with people from many different experience levels. Many sites offer free backgammon online, as long as you sign up with your e-mail address. It’s a challenging fix to boredom! Plus, it’s great to download backgammon without having to pay a cent.

What most people do not know is that several large web companies actually offer a backgammon bonus. For instance, if you refer your friends to their software or play a certain amount of games from their site, you will find a special backgammon bonus. This could mean anything – special tricks, new setups, or just a special backgammon code you can enter to win free prizes. It all depends on the company and what they are willing to offer.

The most important thing when playing backgammon is to always have a strategy. You don’t have to stick with it the entire time you play, but you should have a few backup moves incase your player catches on. The last thing you want is for a competitor to realize what you’re doing and ruin everything!

Hit your opponent, even if you have the opportunity to score on your own side! On the other hand, if you are losing terribly, you need to find out if the attack will benefit you. For instance, if you already have your opponent’s pieces on the bar, it is probably smarter to go with scoring from your home side.

Watch your competitor’s every move. You not only could learn a lot of special tricks, but you can manipulate and copy their strategy as well. If you are doing the same exact thing, it will expose their plan and chances are you will dominate the situation.

Be aware of what is going on around you. For instance, if your competitor has a lot of points on his side of the board, then it is going to be almost impossible for you to continue if you get hit. Therefore, staying on track and paying close attention to the amount of pieces/points he has is key.

Try your best to build primes! A prime is when you get six points in a row and therefore “capture” your opponent. As long as you can continue the no gap, your opponent cannot escape. Unfortunately as time goes on, it does get harder to maintain it.

Most of all have fun!! Backgammon is supposed to be one of the easiest and exciting games out there. Especially with backgammon expanding to the online market, it is possible to play with great people from around the country. Enjoy the possibilies.

By Natalie Aranda
Natalie Aranda writes on game and entertainment.