The common Hold Em Poker mistakes outlined below are so powerfully destructive if you make even one of them you will be a loser forever. Read this article now to discover how.

There are some certain common Hold Em Poker mistakes that many players make that absolutely destroy all their chances of winning.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Common Hold Em Poker Mistakes #1

The absolute worst mistake to make is to completely screw up your betting. That is betting passively or betting aggressively without knowing why.

When you bet passive you give up all control to your opponent. Good players love calling stations and weak passive players because they eat their chips for breakfast.

When you bet aggressively, but are doing so without really knowing how or why, you could be making a massive mistake because you could be committing chips to a pot when you don’t need to, or unintentionally creating positive pot odd expectations for some opponents forcing them to actually call you and play you!

Common Hold Em Poker Mistakes #2

The next mistake will destroy you as a poker player quicker than you can say ‘What was the flop?’ It is being completely blind to the other players and not paying attention to anyone.

Most of the game of poker is actually watching your opponents to see what they are doing. And don’t give me the excuse of you can’t see them because you are playing online.

One of the most important things to watch is betting patterns, positions played from and also cards shown. These three main ones alone can give you tons of info to play better.

If you are making either one of the aforementioned common Hold Em Poker mistakes you are going to lose a lot of money very fast.

By Alex Poker
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