Let’s face it. Those dealers in Las Vegas casinos have a huge advantage of amateurs playing in their homes: they have an easy way to keep their chips together. No matter what betting game you’re a fan of you know that dealing with all of those loose chips isn’t easy. What are you going to do with them? Keeping them in plastic baggies?

Nothing looks more professional when you’re playing a round of blackjack with friends than whipping out some baggies full of plastic chips. If you don’t put them somewhere, they could end up all over the floor, in your dog’s mouth, maybe even mixed with your children’s toys. You don’t want to delay the dealing because you have to round up all of your lost chips. And that’s where the 10 Row BlackJack Table Tray really comes in handy.

First, the table tray offers a convenient solution to the problems above. Finally, you have a secure way of housing all of those chips and doing so in a way that is convenient to access. You can also keep them neatly arranged which is a huge asset if you’re using a wide variety of chip amounts or just if you have a lot of chips to wrangle.

The other benefit is, of course, that the tray fits into many existing blackjack tables. If you have invested in one of these tables, that means you are either serious about the games you’re playing or you’re throwing a lot of blackjack parties and events. Either way, you need a convenient way for the dealer to manage the chips. And you could be going through a lot of chips during the experiences. How many chips is a lot? Well, the 10 Row BlackJack Table Tray can hold up to 50 chips in each of its 10 rows. That means if you’ve got up to 500 chips laying around or in use then you’ll definitely need this try to help you keep them straight.

If you get to be the dealer, using the tray to make changes for other people’s bets or as a place to store the losers’ lost chips can give you the feeling of working in a real casino without the hassle of a pit boss watching over your shoulder through the surveillance videos. It’s like being the banker in Monopoly – doing your job is always easier when the colorful cash is more organized.

And if you really want to have a great time with your blackjack table this convenient add-on just makes sense. You’ll feel like a pro. Your guests will feel as if they are in a real casino. Your chips won’t end up everywhere. You won’t have to dig around your home to find the chips. And you can more easily arrange the chips after a few rounds of blackjack. The only possible downside is that you might enjoy using the 10 Row BlackJack Table Tray so much that you decide to abandon your current profession and rush off to Vegas to become a full-time blackjack dealer. And we don’t take any responsibility if that happens.

By Brian Garvin & Jeff West
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