This is a Roulette Assault review by a professional gambler.

Is Roulette Assault a scam? What are the real Roulette Assault results? These are the questions that this review by a gambling pro will answer.

Roulette Assault Reviewed by Mr. Kenneth Harris

Hello all my gambling loving friends! Some time ago I was asked to review this new and revolutionary roulette system that was supposed to make anybody rich by playing roulette at online casinos. Since I am always up for all the new things when it comes to gambling, I agreed to review Roulette Assault.

Like most people I am too very suspicious about these sort of systems, so naturally my first thoughts were that this is just another scam. I’m quite sure that those are your thoughts as well. Anyway, I decided to give it a try to find out what the real results are.

The Real Roulette Assault Results

Ok, it’s time to test this system. I decided to give it two weeks of time to make me some money, or lose it. So I went and bought the system and after that, registered a new account with a popular online casino. And then, well just started to spin the wheel.

Since I am sure that you are only interested in the results, here they are. I started my experiment with a bankroll of $250 and at the end of the 2 week period my balance showed 1,470.27. So I had made a profit of 1,220.27 dollars.

Final Thoughts

According to my results with Roulette Assault, it doesn’t seem like this system is a complete scam. I am not quite sure yet if I am going to keep using it, but it does seem like a good system for someone hoping to make some extra money with online roulette. They also have a full money back guarantee, so there is no real risk for you to try it.

By Kenneth Harris
Mr. Kenneth Harris, a professional gambler and a father of two. This was his Roulette Assault review and he sincerely hopes it was useful to you. If you wish to try this roulette system with a full money back guarantee, you can get instant access at Roulette Assault.